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English version > Project description

In order to help the english speaking people to understand the project and evaluate its objectives, we give herewith some key points :

I. Context

Hypothesis: We underestimate the potential and the pertinence of Exhibition and Conference Industry in our modern world and society.

Main Idea: One of the main leverage to develop competitiveness of our Exhibition and Conference industry in the world, and peculiarly in our mature European continent, is to create a strong R&D and Innovation process.


1) Research on the field of our industry is very weak. The German Exhibition Industry, which has been developing with Universities a dedicated discipline: “die Messewirschaft”, is quite the only one to be so structured. Historians work also on the subject, particularly on medieval fairs or on world’s fairs. You can find also some scientific literature, in Cultural and Science History (learned societies, congress history, scientific discipline structuration, …but rare), in Geography, in Sociology, Marketing and Management (Europe, USA). Professional unions (UFI, EMECA, AUMA, UNIMEV, …) and professional associations (MPI, IAPCO, ICCA ..) are also research data providers.

2) Innovation in our industry is not linked with a peculiar research process. It comes from outside, from new technologies transfer (digital, mobile, …), from opportunities created case by case with suppliers and exhibitors. We miss a lot. Just one example: the importance of the “conversation” is outlined by the web gurus (see the cluetrain manifesto : “markets are conversations”), but no trade shows organizers include in their strategy the “conversation” in itself.

Paradoxes. Our industry has been totally linked for two centuries with Research discoveries, International science development and innovation, but doesn’t have its own R&D and Innovation. Otherwise the Researchers use our industry as medium, but are not really invested in working on it.

II. Project

Vision: The competitiveness and development of our industry in our Trade, Communication and Knowledge world and economy will be mainly based on our R&D and Innovation development and investment.

Global objective: contribute to develop a strong R&D and Innovation process in our industry

Exhibition and Conference industy – Research crossing: the more Exhibition and Conference field is invested as scientific object by Research, the more the Research itself find ways to its own development, in terms of scientific socialization, Research valorisation and technology transfer and in terms of experimentation.

Issues are:

  • Constitute a pluridisplinar knowledge (not only Management and Marketing sciences, or History, but also Sociology, Geography, Urbanism and Architecture, Acoustic, Literature!, Philosophy!, Political sciences, Laws, …),
  • Connect this research with a process of innovation in our industry, in order to increase competitiveness,
  • Reinforce relations between our Industry and the scientific world in a context of increasing international Knowledge Economy, at the benefit of both.

Our first proposition:

A non-lucrative association is founded, NUNDINOTOPIA, dedicated to endeavour Research, Development and Innovation in Fairs, trades shows and congress.

The first project is a white paper on Research and Innovation in our industry, based on interviews of professionals and of Scientific and Research players. The points of view of the two samples will be crossed to :

  • establish the diagnosis of our Research and Innovation situation,
  • evaluate the relation between our Industry and Research sector,
  • define the ways to be explored in the future and how to develop a mechanism of Research and Innovation.

The white paper will be free access. It will contribute to push the subject in our industry and to help finding solutions and ways (and reasons) for investment. How to search ? what to search ? For which innovations? Promotion will be done to reinforce its impact in our industry and in research sector. We don't forget also all the connection with Political issues (territories, export, EU Research plan, ....).

The white papers articles are only available in French version. Sorry for that. The final report will be translated in English.

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